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Burlesque Assassin – may include bondage.

January 9, 2011

12 September 2009 for unFRINGEd

I had a coffee with the Burlesque Assassin, Nikki Nouveau at Cinque. It’s a public space so I thought that if she whipped out any restricted weapons, at least there would be witnesses.

Nikki quickly put me at ease with her enthusiasm for burlesque and martial arts. Scorned hot babes who don’t take any shit are always hotter with a weapon. Tank Girl. Barbarella. Lucy Liu in Kill Bill. Any of them. Trained by her martial arts-obsessed brother, she got the idea for the burlesque show when watching Bruce Lee whirling his ‘chucks in the film ‘Enter The Dragon.’

A seasoned singer and performer, with 15 years of singing under her belt, Nikki is not content just to slay the audience with her sultry singing but would rather take us through an unnerving trail of vengeance and seduction. Her 50 minute show has been developed with the mentorship of Wendy Dys and the visuals are amped with the aerial talents of Matt Kinsinger, and professional ballerina Simone Smiles. The bittersweet musical score is provided by her regular band, The Knife Waltz, playing a live soundtrack to this unique cabaret.

Not only danger and talent, but Nikki promises me (well, I mean the audience) bondage. That’s right, some bondage.

So a few quick questions:

You are such a multi-faceted artist. In your artistic process, what comes first for you… the music, the visual or the concept?

My ideas flow from a storytelling notion. I really like to develop a character to a deep level… in this case, I’ve tried to find that combination of crazy and sensual.

Have you ever hurt yourself with your nunchucks?

No. Only chipped a nail.

Lucky! Have you ever considered branching out into a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles burlesque side project?

Um… no.

Burlesque Assassin opens tonight at the Red Rattler Theatre, Marrickville.

Sat 08.00pm
Sun 09.30pm
Thu 09.30pm

Tickets available at

…And for some Bruce Lee nunchuck genius:

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