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It’s not gay if you’re related: The Wau Wau sisters’ Last Supper

January 18, 2011

As their Twitter bio reads: (we) “have the same dad, different moms, like the same cocktails and are coming to Edinburgh fringe!!” And they blew the Fringe away with 4 and 5 star reviews piling onto their star-stacked credentials, which include the World Famous Spiegeltent, Miss Exotic World, The Grammys, London’s West End and countless international festivals.

La Clique stars Tanya Gagne and Adrienne Truscott may or may not be ‘real’ sisters, but they certainly send out the vibe that they are friends with the ‘other’ kind of sisters. These girls from Brooklyn are a part of that amazing community of performers from NYC who appeared in John Cameron Mitchell’s ‘Shortbus’, along with Murray Hill, Justin Bond and every other fascinating person in New York.

Their hilarious and blasphemously slutty show, ‘Last Supper’ is an explosion of organised chaos as they morph, in full-audience view through a series of costume changes and characters: impudent schoolgirls, incestuous born-again country boozers and psychedelic pagan trippers. The Benny Hill slapstick soundtrack and audience-assisted disrobing creates a frenetic blur between their spoken word and smutty songs, which are often delivered from a carefully balanced aerial adagio.

The Wau Wau Sisters have this organised chaos thing down pat.  They know how to read their crowd and miraculously coerce the right victims  into some potentially mortifying yet disarmingly blithe audience participation. The unwitting punters are quickly utilised for acrobalance tricks, revealing leg muscles they probably didn’t know they had. As soon as they are returned safely to the cheers of their tables, the wigs are flying and the Wau Wau’s boobs are frantically being tucked back in to another costume literally seconds before each next hilarious number begins.

This style of renegade improvisation mixed with chaos and bedecked with sequins, politics and gay abandon seems to come from an earlier time in modern cabaret, genuinely self-directed and uncensored and utterly audacious. It was completely refreshing to see such a smart, wild and experienced pair of gals given free reign on a well-produced stage.

The Last Supper is part performance art, part burlesque and  most deservedly circus. Their Rock and Roll trapeze act is a standout as their beautiful, strong, sinewy bodies confidently span death-defying drops and graceful aerial ballet. And the finale? It is a corker. I won’t reveal it here, but we were left cheering and giving each other those “Did-they-really-just-do-that” sort of looks.

I was inspired. I must admit, as soon as we got home, I was busting to try out a bit of the old ‘aeroplane trick’ acrobalance on the bed.   It’s just that sort of show.


Buy Tickets

‘they turn the audience on with wit, humour and a cunning array of stunts… ‘ – Time Out, New York

‘irreverent, sacrilegious, foul-mouthed and uninhibited’ – New York Times

like the Vagina Monologues on acid’  – News Weekly

*Warning: Contains nudity and Offensive language. Age Recommendation: 16+ (Mature Themes)

At the Opera House Studio, till 22nd January. $39/30

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