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Express Yourself.

May 14, 2011
Copyright: Jordan Graham and Paul Scala, 2011.

Photo by Jordan Graham and Paul Scala. MUA Sophie Roberts. Shot at the Rat's Nest Studio in Darlinghurst.

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  1. rita fontaine permalink
    June 1, 2011 7:42 pm

    I really enjoyed reading this blog post and have been trying to find the words to blog about Betty Grumble’s shows at the competition myself. but you’ve really nailed it. It was tough for us, the judges to rate so much diversity between the girls with numbers 1 – 10 and although we didn’t have any time whatsoever to deliberate or converse over each act, there was a unanimious feeling of pure admiration for Betty’s artwork. Whether or not she met criteria in each of our minds clearly differed from personal fondness and it’s a shame she didn’t make the final round . It’s an oxymoron to put criteria on art.. but it’s a comp and we gotta do it somehow.
    I spoke to Betty the next night at Pretty Peepers and asked how she felt about the outcome. She was not disheartened. Her ultimate goal was not to win, but to reach a new audience as she has been campaigning against the introduction of children’s padgeants in Australia. She even performed as Betty at some big rally and then made a speech.
    Betty will also be taking part in The Slut Walk. Rita

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